Hi, again, everyone. We’re back.

I apologize for such a long unplanned hiatus–the longest yet–and for keeping the fate of the comic mysterious. There’s a lot I could say on the subject, but to summarize: from late 2015 to early 2016, it became difficult for me to work on my comic for personal reasons. From 2016 onward, it became difficult for practical reasons–several conventions lined up in a row, a big move a month ago, etc. It was hard to put a return date on it, because, well, I didn’t know, but this comic has never been something I planned to abandon, but tentatively, I’m back on my feet and hoping to return soon to a weekly schedule.

I say soon because I have a few more obligations left on my plate, including Anime Expo, my last con of the season, next weekend: Table 112, come same hi! (By the way, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has stopped by at the various cons I’ve done so far this year and bought a chapter 1 book–which I AM going to be putting the surplus of online when I’m finished.) But it was important for me to get these pages up ASAP nonetheless because I miss doing this comic and I miss you guys.

Thanks for reading!