Hi guys! Brainchild is back, and not going anywhere for the foreseeable future!
Thanks everyone so much for your patience through these hiatuses–I apologize for going dark, as I never really know what to say regarding them or when to expect me being back. This past year and a half, I went through at first, very difficult–and then very good! But extremely productive and taxing–career situation, and unfortunately, when it comes to dropping ballast, personal work, my comic included, is usually the first thing that has to go.

However, believe me when I say *no one* is more dedicated to telling this story than me, and I’d been champing at the bit to get to get to this point where I was not only able to work on it, but ensure a stable update schedule for the near future. I currently have a long line of pages queue’d up, so expect more regular Brainchild updates for a good long while. :)