Hello everyone! Here’s the title page for chapter 4, and an announcement:

Brainchild chapter 4 will begin in January 2021!

I don’t have an exact weekend set as a return date yet (though expect the middle/end of the month–as much as I’d love to jump in right away), but I’m planning on using the whole of December to finalize my script and get the ball rolling on a nice buffer of page production. With that, I’m confident I can hit a January launch with certainty.

See you all in the new year!

UPDATE: I’ve settled on the next update date being Sunday, January 31st Sunday, February 7th! I’ve decided to push the Brainchild update back a little further–I’m a bit embarrassed to this, since I’ve really valued being timely with updates for the past year, but doing this will ensure I can stay on-schedule for the entirety of chapter 4.